Monday, September 14, 2015

Press Release: Fall of the Dragon Prince

It's official!
Here is a sneak peak at the Jolly Fish Press announcement of my debut novel Fall of the Dragon Prince. The press release will go out to book sellers nationwide this month, in advance of the mid-2016 publish date. I am super excited about this series. It captivates readers from teens to adults. For more info on the book, including character profiles, check out my author page Follow me on twitter @authordanallen for updates and sneak previews of book content. This is an epic fantasy series for young adults. I developed the concept way back, but I spent ten years developing my craft before I dared to weave this tale of five heirs of an emperor born in secret in remote realms of the empire. The series is several years in the making and the first book "Fall of the Dragon Prince" got a big response from my beta readers. (I've received variously worded threats to send the sequel manuscript, or else.) You'll want to disappear into the fantasy world developed in the Forgotten Heirs Trilogy.
 Fall of the Dragon Prince Press Release

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